Fraud monitoring

With an intelligent anti-fraud system, you don’t have to worry about fraud. A set of rules, scoring conditions and filters of our own design provides unique protection for the store from thieves and fraudsters.

This service is provided to all our partners free of charge. For clients who work in the e-travel industry, we have a unique offer in the e-commerce market. Thanks to the accumulated experience, analysis of tens of thousands of fraudulent transactions and fine-tuned filters, we confidently work with even the largest e-travel players. We feel very confident when working without 3DS authentication, which significantly increases the conversion rate, which for our existing partners is in the range of 97-98 percent.

What we can do

  • Preventive detection and blocking of fraudulent transactions at the stage of entering card data
  • Deep integration with partner banks allows us to independently control the flow of transactions, and send especially dangerous ones for forced authentication using 3DS technology
  • We prevent 99.99% of fraudulent transactions
  • Individual traffic filtering settings for the most demanding partners
  • Classic filters suitable for most service areas
  • Online monitoring of transactions by security department specialists 24/7, especially dubious transactions are subject to in-depth analysis by our specialists
  • Lists of reliable customers allow payers to forget forever about possible problems with payment in your store

The fraud monitoring service is also provided separately from accepting payments:

The cost of this service depends on the industry and the number of transactions.
To clarify the cost, write to us at

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