Connecting an Cloud cash register

Online cash register operation scheme

To connect online cash registers with Platron, you must:

  1. Conclude an agreement for the rental of online cash registers + for the maintenance of cash registers + for the purchase of a fiscal storage device.
  2. Conclude an agreement with a fiscal data operator (FDO) to provide a service for transferring data to the Federal Tax Service and sending checks to clients.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the scheme of working with Platron (depending on the type of integration).

Our partners

for connecting online cash registers:

Connection instructions

Instructions for connecting to Atol

Right now you can enter into an agreement with Atol LLC for the purchase of a fiscal storage device, as well as for the rental and maintenance of cash registers. OFD services for data transfer to the Federal Tax Service are included in the agreement with Atol.

When contacting Athol using the phone number listed on the website, please provide the following:

  1. Do you wish to enter into an agreement with Atol
  2. Working on accepting online payments with Platron

When concluding an agreement with Atol, be sure to decide which OFD you will cooperate with:

The cost of services of these OFD for data transfer to the Federal Tax Service is included in the agreement with Atol.

IMPORTANT! You need to additionally conclude an agreement with the OFD for the provision of the service of sending checks to clients (SMS packages), because this service is not included in the agreement with Atol and is paid separately, according to the terms of the agreement with the OFD.

Connection instructions

Instructions for connecting to the “Digital Cash Desk” from Evotor

“Digital cash register” is a cloud cash register that will help you legally sell goods and services via the Internet. With it you can accept online payments, fiscalize them and send checks to clients.

The service will be useful to everyone who accepts online payments: online stores, taxis, courier services, restaurants with delivery and other types of businesses.

  • Comfortable. To register, you do not need to log into your personal tax account. All you need to do is fill out the form and sign the application twice on the OFD Platform. It will take no more than a minute of your time.
  • Safely. The cash desk will store your data under reliable protection in Tier III data centers.
  • Legal. Meets all tax requirements and allows you to work even with labeled goods.
  • Profitable. The cash register will completely replace your smart terminal. You won’t have to spend money on equipment to accept payments.

Connection link

Connection instructions

Instructions for connecting to KOMTET Cash desk

KOMTET Cashier is an excellent solution for operating your online store in accordance with the new requirements of 54-FZ!

The service generates fiscal documents, sends free electronic receipts in the form of an e-mail to customers of online stores, and transmits all fiscal data on settlements directly to the fiscal data operator and then to the tax authorities.

Advantages of KOMTET Cash desk:

  • turnkey online cash register from 480 RUB/month;
  • online cash register for rent (OFD services included in the price);
  • issuance of CEP;
  • registration with the Federal Tax Service and OFD;
  • a single solution for online stores and retail;
  • ready-made API and modules for connecting to popular CMS;
  • storing information in a data center with a high level of reliability;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • the opportunity to purchase fiscal drives and online cash registers;
  • a ready-made solution for courier services and order pick-up points.

To connect to the service, you need to take two steps:

  1. register on the site;
  2. configure the interaction of the online store with cash register systems through the integration module with the Platron service.

Connection instructions

Instructions for connecting to Orange Data

The Orange Data online cash register rental service will ensure full compliance with 54-FZ and provide additional tools for successful business development. Orange Data offers a turnkey solution that is suitable for any online trading industry.

Clients receive an automated solution to comply with the requirements of 54-FZ for payments on the Internet: Cash register equipment equipped with a Fiscal Storage System ensures the generation of fiscal documents and their sending to the Federal Tax Service in real time when working with OFD.

  • To integrate with ShTRIKH-M you can use this SDK
  • To integrate with Orange Data, use this SDK

Important! Be sure to indicate Platron partner code 3010010
(if you register using a referral link, the code will be applied automatically).

Registration link Orange Data

Connection instructions

Instructions for connecting to First OFD

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